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SKU: MHS+0121

MicroHouse has 38,8 m² living floor & 17,5m² veranda along the house side.

MicroHouse is a house with full living purpose, equal to traditional building techniques. It has all facilities delivered with the building kit like: bathroom, kitchen, heat recovery ventilation system, heating and AC.

It comes with a veranda attached. 


MicroHouse can be assembled, modified or rebuilt within weeks.


Final price may vary due to supply variations. Request a quote before ordering.


The Garnica Laudio Pine plywood with FSC guarantee has absorbed CO² in the growing, making the house a carbon-emission-storage.




    • Veranda along house side
    • Kitchen
    • Bathroom
    • Heating & AC (HVAC) system
    • Energy Recovery Ventilation system
    • Double glazed windows
    • Insulation
    • Internal doors & finishes
    • Outer doors
    • Metal outside cladding & roof
    • Internal lining & vapour barrier
    • Electricity connections (inhouse)
    • Wet services + drainage (inhouse)
    • Tailor made cupboard & kitchen system
    • JackPad or ground screw foundations

    (Request a quote to inform about the prices).

    • Solar panel: total roof&wall-covering
    • Tesla Powerwall
    • WISA BioBond plywood (bio-based glue)
    • Septic tank installation (filtering system)

    • Very quick building time
    • Well insulated
    • Customisable layout
    • Foundation possibilities: JackPads, stone blocks with adjustable pedestal or metal ground screws. Concrete or piles are options.
    • Foundation interconnections: rafters or (rail) joists
    • Construction skill level average
    • FSC renewable resources WISA plywood
    • The wood has absorbed CO² in the growing, making the house a carbon-emission-storage, counteracting climate change
    • Adjustable & rebuild-able
    • Reusable components 90% 
    • Build cost €1002/m²

    Dimensions:​ (approx.)

    • Overall: (l x w x h) 4,0 x 10,8 x 3,5 m
    • Living floor: 38,8 m²
    • Veranda: 11,2 x 1,2 m = 17,5 m²
    • Total volume: 119 m³
    • Kitchen/living: 3,6 x 4,2 m = 15 m²
    • Bedroom: 3,6 x 3,6 m = 13 m²
    • Bathroom: 1,8 x 2,4 m = 4 m²

    The self build kit with manual and online support can be shipped worldwide.
    Request a shipping quote to your location.


    Assembly of MicroHouse is of moderate difficulty.

    It can be done by:

    • Organized by the customer with our graphic manual and help of our online support.
    • WikiHome professional team worldwide.* 

    * To inform about the options contact us for a quote.

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