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SKU: WYS+0121

WikiYurt is now availablel in 5,2m diameter with 20,1 m² living floor. It is full insulated modern house with full living purpose, studio or exersize room. It is designed around the unique HexaFloor and can be setup on slightly unleveled but sturdy ground. WikiYurt can be built, modified or rebuilt within weeks. It has all facilities optional with the building kit like: bathroom, kitchen, central heating and AC.


WikiYurt can be assembled, modified or rebuilt within weeks.


Final price may vary due to supply variations. Request a quote before ordering.



Design by: WikiHome S.L.


In developement are models with diameter from 2,9 to 16,5m.


The Garnica Laudio Pine plywood with FSC guarantee has absorbed CO² in the growing, making the house a carbon-emission-storage.



    • Main door round top
    • Windows round top 2x
    • Roof dome window screw adjustable
    • Onduvilla roof system
    • Electricity sockets & lights (inhouse)
    • Adjustable pedestal supports

    (Request a quote to inform about the prices).

    • Tailor made cupboard & kitchen system
    • Internal lining & vapour barrier
    • Recycled cellulose insulation
    • Huawei battery system
    • Pellet stove 6,3 kW
    • Central heating system on gas

    • Very quick building time
    • Well insulated
    • Customisable layout
    • Adjustable pedestals support on uneven ground.
    • Foundation interconnections: rafters or (rail) joists
    • Construction skill level average
    • FSC renewable resources WISA plywood
    • The wood has absorbed CO² in the growing, making the house a carbon-emission-storage, counteracting climate change
    • Adjustable & rebuild-able
    • Reusable components 100%
    • Build cost €495/m²

    Dimensions 20,1m²:​ (approx.)

    • Diameter:     5,2 m
    • Floor area:    20.1m²
    • Wall height:    2,15 m
    • Top height:    3,35 m

    Windows & Doors:

    • Roof dome dia:    126 cm
    • 1x Door round top:    90x192m
    • 2x Windows round top:    90x115cm

    The self build kit with manual and online support can be shipped worldwide.
    Request a shipping quote to your location.


    Assembly of WikiYurt is of moderate difficulty.

    It can be done by:

    • Organized by the customer with our graphic manual and help of our online support.
    • WikiHome professional team worldwide.* 

    * To inform about the options contact us for a quote.

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